80 pages

28 × 23 cm

20 euros


The Museum of Amusing Muzzles

by Fanny Pageaud

Guess to whom these noses, schnozzs, honkers and nostrils belong...


With all the dexterity of her hyperrealist stroke, Fanny Pageaud offers us a gallery of close-up illustrations of noses and snouts - funny, atypical, puzzling, absurb - accompanied by a riddle that provides some clues as well as scientific precisions.


So who do they belong to?


For each of them, a full-length portrait of the animal on the following page gives the solution, quite often surprising !


After "There are Monsters in my Bedroom", Fanny Pageaud plunges us in a whole other universe. Its playful design this time accompanies a wish for rigourously demanding scientific transmission.


The national Museum of Natural History made no mistake about it, since they are the partner of this work.

Prize Sorcière 2019 (for the category: " Caréement Sorcières, Non Fiction")