20,5 x 23 cm

40 p.

14 €

The Tightrope Walkers

by Courinne Boutry & Daria Petrilli

Swan lived on the 10th floor of the Azur Tower. He enjoyed watching the hustle and bustle of the city far below, and the antlike passers-by hurrying along the sidewalk. Mia lived on the 11th floor of the Rubis Tower. She liked looking out of the window too, watching the sky change colour and the clouds stretch and distort, and then disappear. Everything collapsed one morning when all Swan found before him was a huge grey wall. Only the imagination and their dreams would allow them to be united.

Corinne Boutry finds the right words to approach children on the delicate and sadly topical subject of separation, brought about by the inexplicable presence of a wall. With her sumptuous and perceptive illustrations, Daria Petrilli reinforces the importance of the imagination and dreams to fuel hope.