Sorcières - Adilson Farias

26 cm × 38 cm

64 pages

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The Fantastical Catalogue of Witches and Wizards
by Bernard Villiot & Adilson Farias

Princesse Eleonore Rumpupis has fallen head over heels in love… with a toad! Chances are high that the King will refuse to give his daughter’s hand to an amphibian… Which is why the princess decides to call upon the service of the Federation of Tiptopmagic and Sorcery in order to find a witch or a wizard able to turn her darling toad into a prince charming. 
“Dear Princesse Rumpupis,
Your desire to see your charming toad become a prince in order to be able to marry him has touched us deeply. Search no further, you have knocked on the right door. We, the Witches and Wizards of the world are of course capable of the worst… but also the best. Enclosed, you will find a catalogue allowing you to choose your very own wizard or witch to grant your wish.”
Signed Artibius Malevelencus, Federation of Tiptopmagic and Sorcery
This fantastical catalogue presents 25 remarkable witches and witches! Let the magic begin…

Bernard Villiot

Telling stories is what Bernard Villiot loves to do, whether it’s for the cinema as a screenwriter and director or as a children’s book author. Villiot is the author of more than 50 children’s book which have won numerous prizes both in France and abroad and have been translated into many different languages.
His books include:
Mephisto, Mr Django et Lady Swing (on the Fnac favorite’s list), Le souffleur de rêves, Le dompteur de vent, Le miroir de Madame
Édouard…published by Gautier Languereau and winner of numerous prizes. Some of his more recent work includes  Le voyage de Samy Bear (Margot publishing), Bazar à Bisouville (Élan Vert), Monsieur Leblanc et l’homme en noir (Gautier Languereau)…


Adilson Farias lives in Brazil. For the last two decades he has illustrated children’s books, many of them garnering great praise in Brazil and abroad. He is known for his delicate style and his grasp of the imaginary worlds of childhood, which creates a rich and immersive language in his illustrations.
Adilson Farias has an incredible following on social media, which we are sure will make his first book published in France a success.

sorcières - Adilson Farias
Sorcières - Adilson Farias