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Picture Book

Age group: from 5 years old

Pages: 40 

Format: 24 x 24 cm

RP: 12 €

Oops! There are two wolves!

By Titus & Fabien Öckto Lambert


Following the success of the first three volumes, the series Oops! There's a Wolf! returns, but this time, there are two!

Children's favourite wolf has a brother who is the terror of the forest and dreams of grandeur. But how to exist beside such a troublesome older brother? After the first volume, Titus signs the fourth picture book of this successful series, bringing along his humour and imagination.


The book:

Once upon a time there were two wolves. The first one is big, cruel, has the appetite of an ogre and makes headlines of miscellaneous news items. He finds himself strong and beautiful, the most beautiful on the planet, and believes that he sparks the admiration of everyone! The second one finds himself small, fearful and quite puny. On the lefthand page, the bug burly one, on the righthand page, his little brother, crushed by the weight of comparison. And so it goes from the beginning to the end of the book, like a ritornello. But comparison is no reason... And we see at the very end that our great big bad wolf is quite alone when it comes to meeting up with friends, whereas the little wolf is in good company! Feeling oneself to be the most beautiful and the strongest creates a surrounding void... whereas our little modest wolf has quite the little group of really nice friends!

There are two wolves - Marmaille -
There are two wolves - Marmaille -