Picture Book

5 and up 21 X 21 cm

32 pages

Hardcover € 12,50

What Do Princesses Do
When They’re Not Waiting For Prince Charming?

by Olivier Daumas

To become a perfect little princess, you have to take classes at Graceful Castle. The training isn’t always fun and relaxing. Each morning, it takes the future princesses more than an hour to get dressed. The princesses in training always have to smile, even if they’re unhappy. No making faces or looking glum. Tricky stuff for headstrong students! The young princesses also have to abandon certain dreams: it’s impossible to imagine a truck driver princess in her big 16 wheeler, I mean come on! Those who fail will head back home and become their parents’ “little princesses,” which is much less restrictive and maybe more fun… cause smiling all the time isn’t always easy!